Home Backup Generator

Power in a flip of a switch

Backup generators are electrical devices designed to automatically activate when the main power supply fails, providing power to your home during blackouts or outages. There are several types in the marketing meant for different residential needs.

Having a backup power generator in your home ensures that your home remains fully safe and operational even during power interruptions. This keeps essential appliances such as refrigerators, heating systems, and medical equipment running smoothly which allows you to continue your day without interruptions.

Things To Consider

  • Power requirement – Determine which appliances you deem essential and want to power during outages. This will help determine the power requirement you need as well as what type of device better fits your needs.
  • Power Source – You can choose the power source of your generator between fuel powered or battery operated. We recommend having this conversation with your local electrician to make sure you’ll get the most of the product.
  • Location and Maintenance – Make sure you have space in your home for the product to be installed. Proper installation could help with maintenance and help keep your generator in optimal condition.

We have a team of expert electricians to help you every step of the way.

  • Assessment – We start the process with a consultation to assess the right generator, type, and power source you need for your home.
  • Installation – We guarantee expert and efficient installation process to ensure your generator operates seamlessly with your existing electrical system.
  • Maintenance – Make sure to schedule regular maintenance to prolong the life of your generator and make sure it will operate properly when you need it.