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We are putting together more valuable content based on your calls, questions, and what our electricians see in the field. Below are very common troubleshooting resources that can help you understand what your electrical issue may be, and possibly even solve them! 

If you have any content and resource requests, feel free to email us and you may find the content up in a few days. 

How to Reset Circuit Breakers

Were you using an appliance and the power shut off? Did you turn on a switch and power cut out a second later? Is power off to an entire circuit? You may have a tripped breaker. Watch this video to learn how to reset main circuit breakers.

How to Reset a GFCI Outlet

Does your device lose power when plugged into a GFCI outlet? Did power shut off while you were using your hair dryer? Did a small kitchen appliance shut off during operation? These examples may happen when plugged into a GFCI outlet. Learn how to test and reset a GFCI outlet. 

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