Dedicated Circuit Additions

Streamline your Home Improvement Projects

Extending your house or installing equipment that need a dedicated circuit? Aleco electricians can assist in installing a dedicated circuit to power your home.

A dedicated circuit is a specific electrical line that is reserved for a single appliance or device. It ensures that the appliance has its own exclusive power supply which helps prevent overload for safe and efficient operations.

When do you need a Dedicated Circuit?

  • High-Power Appliances – Devices like refrigerators, ovens, home theatre, HVAC systems or even Electric Vehicle charging ports, require dedicated circuits due to their significant power demands.
  • Workshops and Garages – Power tools and equipment in workshops and garages can draw a lot of power, making dedicated circuits necessary for safe operation.
  • Home extensions and Outdoor Appliances – Adding a new space to your home such as an outdoor living space with a pool or a hot tub requires dedicated circuits to provide them with power.

The Rewiring Process and What to Expect

  • Determine what type of appliance or equipment you need the dedicated circuit for. This will determine the power requirements to ensure the circuit can handle the load.
  • Consider the location of where the new circuit will be added and its accessibility for installing.
  • Plan ahead and consider any future expansions where you might need dedicated circuits to save time and cost.
    Make sure you have a dedicated budget for the project that includes material and labor. We recommend finding a team that can help you stay within budget and dedicated time frame.

Bring Your Home To Life

Aleco Electric has a team of experienced professionals that helps you with every step of the process.