Ceiling Fan Installations

Comfort and Style

Ceiling fans are a great addition to keep your home cool while saving on energy bills. It provides both lighting and air circulation helping you feel cooler and more comfortable. This means, the less time you need for your AC to be on.

Besides their practically, ceiling fans can also be a staple decor. They come in different styles and shapes that could blend seamlessly to any style or build of home. They can even be installed in a tilted ceiling.

Installing a ceiling fan requires careful handling of electrical wiring. Although there are a lot of tutorials and DIYs on the internet, we recommend letting the experts do the job for you. This ensures secure mounting to ensure the fan operates safely and efficiently.

Things to Consider When Interested in Ceiling Fan Installations

  • Room Size and Fan Size – Consider which room you want your ceiling fans to be installed so you can determine the appropriate dimensions to ensure optimal performance.
  • Ceiling Height – Ensure your ceiling height can accommodate a ceiling fan, including clearance for blades and any additional lighting fixtures.
  • Features and Controls – You can choose whether you want a remote control, wall switch, or pull-chain operation for your ceiling fan.
  • Professional Help – Work with a team of experts to help you install the fans safely, with proper electrical connections and secure mounting. A good team will walk you through all the step ensuring that your fan is safely mounted and wired correctly for safe operation.

Experience the difference a ceiling fan can make in your home.

Don’t do it yourself, let us do it for you. Aleco has a team of experts to help you go through the process seamlessly.