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With California’s energy safety and conservation efforts, now is the time to invest in a home backup generator to keep you powered through the rolling blackouts. Schedule your FREE home backup generator estimate today with Northern California’s trusted electricians!

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Have peace of mind when California power companies decide to implement rolling blackouts. We are a 5-Star Generac Home Backup Generator dealer and installer with the highest rating in our area. Knowing you have power when unexpected blackouts occur allows you to keep your food and perishables cold, your security systems powered, your family safe and secure, and to keep life rolling.

Choose the right backup generator?

There are several types of standby home backup generators on the market to choose from. Aleco Electric specializes in standby whole home backup generators that are run off of natural gas or liquid propane. An additional option is a backup generator that runs on diesel; however, these systems can cost much more and are liquid cooled due to there size. For the majority of the population and for the product we offer, we will stick to natural gas and liquid propane systems. Here are a few things to think about when deciding:

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How much power do you need?

Home backup generators are rated in kilowatts (kW). You’ll want to add up all the appliances and systems you want running to determine the size generator. Some would like to only power the refrigerator, the HVAC system, and a few lights. Others want to roll through a blackout like nothing ever happened and power absolutely everything in their home. The more power you want or need, the more the system will cost as you’ll need a larger generator. You’ll want to do simple math to determine what size of the generator.

Here are a few common household appliances and there average watt requirements:

  • Microwave (600-1200 watts)
  • Refrigerator (700-1200 watts)
  • Washing Machine (1200 watts)
  • Television (300 watts)
  • Laptop Computer (250 watts)
  • Central Air Conditioning System (3500 watts)

Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

An automatic transfer switch is connected to your main electrical panel and electrical system, monitoring the power coming into your home. When power stops, it automatically turns on the generator, creating power for your home. When power has been restored, the ATS will switch back to your electrical utility provider and continue to monitor for the next power outage. Most generators come with an ATS, but it must match the current amp rating of your current main service panel. Most homes come with a 100 amp, 150 amp, or 200 amp panels, so be sure to make sure the ATS and your main panel amps match.

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