Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

Can’t figure out your electrical problem? Lights flickering? Circuits tripping? No power situations? Call out the pros to troubleshoot your electrical issue and get it resolved today!  

Electrical Troubleshooting by the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento regions #1 Local Electrician

Are you having electrical issues that you can’t diagnose on your own? Are you tripping breakers left and right? Power cutting in and out? Our local electricians see these issues on a daily basis and can troubleshoot your electrical issues quickly and efficiently. Our electricians can typically diagnose electrical issues within 30 minutes and will write up an estimate for the work needing to be performed. 

Common Electrical Issues

Tripped Breaker

The most common electrical call we receive from homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento region is loss of power due to a tripped breaker. The majority of the time, we find the circuit being overloaded. In this case, the breaker actually did its job to protect the circuit and prevent further damage.

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Flickering Lights

At first, many homeowners believe a flickering light is the result of a bad light bulb. This is a common call we receive, but many times it leads to more repair or replacement work than the customer first anticipated or assumed. How bad can a flickering light be? It can range from replacing the light bulb with a correct watt bulb to rewiring that particular electrical circuit.

Frequent Burned Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs that frequently burn out, have similar problems as flickering lights. Changing the light bulb to a correct wattage is usually the culprit, but it can also uncover issues with the circuit itself and require additional work. 

Switches Not Working

You wake up and walk to the bathroom, you reach out to the light switch like always, flip it on, and absolutely nothing happens. You do it again. Still nothing. This is a common call we receive that can once again be something simple, or require more work than anticipated. It could be as small as tightening down the electrical wires to the switch, and as big as rewiring the circuit.

What we always recommend is that for any electrical problem you are facing, it is best to call a licensed electrician to come and troubleshoot the issue – for your peace of mind, safety, and security. 

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