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Electrical Rewiring

Is your electrical wiring getting old? Are you experiencing wiring issues? Electrical rewiring may seem like a daunting task – and it is. That’s why thousands of Northern California homeowners and commercial property owners have asked Aleco Electric to complete the job the right way, the first time. With clean, efficient, and professional work, you’ll see why we are the best at electrical rewires. 

Electrical Rewiring

Rewiring your electrical system not only ensures many decades of safe and efficient electrical use for you, but it also safeguards any future occupants of the property for many years to come. If the electrical wiring is old and outdated, chances are you’ll want to rewire your home or business in the near future. Doing this also increases the value of the property. 

Do you have old and outdated electrical wiring?

Knob-and-tube electrical wiring is the oldest style of wiring found in homes, and due to age and degradation of its insulation, poses the most danger today. Knob-and-tube wiring traditionally did not come with a grounding system, which better protects appliances and other electronics during a power surge. In addition, the wiring is no longer to modern day electrical code. Here are a few common problems to look for when determining if you should rewire your home or business.

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Open and exposed electrical wiring splices.

Today, most splices should be done at a junction box to further protect the wiring. If you see black electrical tape around several leads of wiring, there is a good chance that is where the electrical wiring was spliced. Many homes we’ve rewired in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the greater Sacramento region had open and exposed splices that weren’t soldered. If there are a few places in your crawl space or attic that show this type of work, chances are, there are many more.

Cracked, damaged, or totally missing electrical wiring insulation.

Any electrical wiring with a failed insulation can be a potential hazard. If you can see the bare metal, we recommend calling a professional electrician to come out and remedy the problem. When the insulation has failed, electrical wires touching can arc and create fire hazards. Cracked, damaged, or completely disintegrated insulation is a good sign that you may need to rewire.

Fuses are larger than 15 amps in an older electrical system.

An indicator of when it might be time to rewire your home is if you have an old wiring system with fuses that are larger than 15 amps. Old electrical wiring should not be fused for more than 15 amps as this can be very hazardous and lead to potential fires. Newer appliances and power drawing electronics today can require 30, 40, or 50 amps of power, however the wiring was installed at a time when 15 to 20 amps was all that was needed. 

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