Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

The main service panel is where all your electrical circuits are distributed from, and connected to, to receive power. Replacing or upgrading an old panel is the first step to a worry-free electrical system. Schedule your FREE electrical panel estimate today with Northern California’s trusted electricians!

Electrical Panel Replacement & Upgrades

Outdated main service electrical panels can cause many problems with the entire electrical system in your home or commercial business. As the electrical panel gets older, the wires, connections, and other vital parts can wear down and degrade. Most licensed electricians recommend replacing or upgrading your main electrical panel every 20-30 years

Replace or Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

What is the difference between replacing or upgrading your electrical panel? Well, when choosing to replace or upgrade your panel, you’ll want to think about several factors that will determine what direction you’ll go. Are you anticipating any of these scenarios?

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Adding solar panels in the near future?

If you are planning to install solar panels, you’ll want to upgrade your electrical main panel if there is no space left in your current panel. To add solar, your panel will need two slots for the solar panel breakers. 

Do you plan on purchasing an electrical vehicle?

An electric vehicle can be charged from a regular 120V outlet, but charging is much more efficient when it is done from a 240V outlet. Adding a dedicated 240V outlet will also require additional space on your panel. 

Will you be expanding your house or adding additional power?

When remodeling and adding on to your home, you’ll want to calculate how much power the addition will need. Simply add how many watts will be used, divided by the volts, and that calculation will give you how many amps you’ll need to power the addition. Upgraded panels can have 200 or even up to 400 amps. 

Do you have an old and unsafe electrical panel?

Type in the words “Zinsco panel” in Google and you’ll quickly find horror stories of these panels that were installed in homes built in the 1970’s. The San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento region experienced a large growth in population during that time. As new homes were built, many installed these panels known for fire and shock hazards. Other outdated panels known for issues are the Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels, Challenger panels, and Pushmatic panels. If you have any of these outdated panels, we recommend replacing or upgrading for the future. 

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Current technologies can put a demand on your home or office electrical system. Thinking about going solar? Do you know if your main panel has the capacity to support solar? Electric vehicle in the near future? Do you need a dedicated 240V outlet to charge your vehicle? Smart LED interior lighting? Smart outlets? There are many home improvement upgrades with built-in technology to make your life efficient. Let Aleco Electric power your life.

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