Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet

Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet

Electric vehicle charging outlets are necessary if you want to take advantage of fast and efficient charging. With the rise in electric vehicles and many options for charging, having the right dedicated outlet for your charger will save you time and money. Schedule your FREE EV charging outlet estimate today with Northern California’s trusted electricians!

Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet

For fast and efficient charging of your electric vehicle, a 240V outlet on a dedicated circuit is required. All electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla, include a “Level 1” charging unit that can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet in your home, but it will require 16, 18, or even 20+ hours to fully charge your EV, depending on the range of the vehicle. For many commuters in the San Francisco Bay Area, or those commuting from Sacramento into the Bay Area, a 200 mile range vehicle may be enough for only one day before charging is needed. In this case, 20 hours of charging on a standard 120V outlet is out of the question.

How much does it cost to install a dedicated 240V circuit?

The cost of a 240V outlet on a dedicated circuit depends on location, and if there is adequate space on your main electrical panel. 

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Location of the 240V outlet.

Most homeowners will want to install the 240V outlet in their garage for easy access, convenience, and to keep their new shiny electric vehicle out of the elements. Most electrical main panels are either in the garage, or mounted on the exterior of the garage. If this is the case, running the electrical wire to the desired wall location wouldn’t require crawling through the attic or in the crawl space to the opposite side of the house, and would cost between $500 – $700. 

If the desired location for the 240V outlet is further away from the main panel, cost would vary based on distance and how much electrical wire will need to be run. Expect to pay north of $700. 

Is there additional space on the electrical main panel?

A major factor in determining the cost of a 240V dedicated circuit it to see if there is space on your main electrical panel. If there is extra space for the circuit breaker, then there won’t be any additional work. If there isn’t additional room on the panel, several options are available, and can range from several hundred dollars to install a quad breaker to several thousands for a subpanel or to install an updated and larger main panel. If you are planning to add more equipment or other circuits (HVAC, solar, pool, spa, additions, etc.) you may want to think about upgrading your electrical panel to plan for the future. 

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