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Electric Outlet, Plug, and Switch Upgrade

Are your electric outlets, plugs, and switches outdated? Are they giving you some issues? By fully updating and upgrading your outlets, plugs, and switches, you can refresh look of your home while adding functionality and technology. Call Aleco Electric for a FREE whole home electric outlet, plug, and switch estimate today!

Electric Outlet, Plug, and Switch Installation

If you’ve lived in your home for many years, or have recently purchased an older home, now may be a good time to look at updating your electrical outlets, plugs, and switches. Many older homes come with 2-prong outlets and can pose problems for many modern day electronics and appliances with a 3-pronged plug requirement. Additionally, many new outlet styles come with modern tech features like USB and USB-C outlets to charge your devices.

How can you tell if the electric outlets need to be replaced?

There are several red flags that can point to a need to update and upgrade the electrical outlets in your home or business. And, before we get into the list, if you’ve experienced a recent electrical outlet fire, consistent electric shock, burning smell coming from an outlet, or any other health or safety hazard, please call a licensed electrician, like ourselves, to safely restore your electrical outlet usability. 

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Signs that your electric outlets, plugs, and switches may need to be replaced:

  • Outlets have yellow or brownish discoloration.
  • Outlet sparks when you plug in or remove something.
  • There is a burning smell coming from an outlet
  • An outlet is by a water source and has no GFCI/GFI protection
  • Plugs get abnormally warm
  • The outlet constantly trips the circuit
  • Your electrical plugs do not stay in the outlet socket
  • Attached appliances flicker or turn on/off randomly
  • 3-pronged outlets are needed

I just bought an older home, should I inspect the electric system?

We highly recommend doing a thorough inspection of your outlets, plugs and switches. Although during home inspection, the electrical system is tested, there could still be issues even if the inspection shows the electrical passes. In the San Francisco Bay Area, and the greater Sacramento region, there are countless older neighborhoods with 2-pronged, ungrounded electrical systems that would benefit from not only a full outlet, plug, and switch update, but possibly a whole home rewire to get all the electrical circuits up to date and to code. 

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